If you have been invited for interview you will come to Harris Westminster for a 15 minute interview with a teacher who is a specialist in the subject you have chosen.

This can be a daunting experience but it should also be a wonderful opportunity to share your love for this subject with someone who has studied it to a high level and is as enthusiastic about it as you are.

The interview will progress naturally but will have two main sections:

In the first part of the interview you will be asked what aspect of the subject you particularly enjoy. This is the part that you can prepare for and you should make sure you can talk knowledgeably and enthusiastically about an idea, concept or collection of facts that has attracted your attention. We are particularly looking for students who have been so enthused by their subject that they have done some reading around and beyond what they have covered in class.

In the second part of the interview your interviewer will try to teach you something by asking questions that go beyond your current level of knowledge and understanding. You should not be put off by this – you should expect that there will be questions to which you don’t know the answers and should attempt to think through the ideas with which you are presented, drawing on what you do know to make sense of this new content.

During the interview your interviewer will be marking you on four aspects of your learning. These are:

Enthusiasm for your subject
Affinity for your subject
Ownership of learning
Speed of learning

We hope that the interview experience is a positive one and that you come out of it having learned something interesting. In order to help you do well we suggest that you wear clothes that make you feel smart and clever (Mr Handscombe is on record as saying that this is why he wears a suit) but you are not going to be marked on your appearance. Good luck!