Y12 Prep

You are highly recommended to complete the work below for the subjects you wish to study at A Level and Pre-U. This will help to prepare you for academic life at Harris Westminster. 

A introduction to Harris Westminster including the timetable, House System and pastoral support can be viewed here

Summer Preparation Work

The work below will help to enhance your subject knowledge for your A Level and Pre-U studies.

Biology Workbook
Chemistry Part 1, Part 2 and Support Resources
Economics Introduction Guidance and Tasks
English Tasks
French Workbook
Geography Workbook
History Workbook and Excerpts 
History of Art Workbook
Mathematics Questions and Answers
Philosophy, Theology & Ethics Workbook
Physics Workbook
Politics Workbook
Spanish Workbook and Short Stories

Subject Lectures 

Details can be found below regarding different lectures, both precorded and live events. These will give you a taste of sixth form academic discourse and the sort of topics and questions you will be exposed to over the next two years.

A list of subject lectures can be found here

Recommended Reading

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Beginning - This list of texts created by the Library Committee covers a range of different genres of fiction hand picked to cater for a variety of different interests and reading level. There is something for everyone even for students who may have had a break from reading in recent years. 

The Harris Westminster Fifty - The aim of the Fifty is to provide a relatively short list of books which for some might be a jumping off point for wider explorations in reading. Its aim is to help develop students’ reading habits by challenging them to read more widely and so build their ability to engage with and discuss a variety of books and authors and increase their access to great literature. Some of the titles are well known, some more obscure. We hope that everyone who undertakes to read them will find something new and wonderful as they read.