Maths Challenge

Every week Harris Westminster students are put to the test with a Maths Challenge.

Academic Year 2016-2017


Week 2: Mersenne Prime Numbers
Week 1: Averages


Week 4: Public Key Encryption and Prime Numbers
Week 3: Prime Numbers and Gaussian Integers
Week 2: Who Is the Greatest Ever Mathematician?
Week 1: Salesmen and Maths


Week 3: Santa and Derangements
Week 2: The Rail Fence Cipher
Week 1: Trousers, Ties and Maths


Week 4: Ants, Ladybirds and Chessboards
Week 3: Divisibility and Remainders
Week 2: Hexed Numbers
Week 1: Square Sum of Squares


Week 2: Numbers
Week 1: Diophantine Equations


Week 4: Continued Fractions
Week 3: Linetskaya Numbers
Week 2: The Route Inspection Problem
Week 1: Are You Attentive?

 Academic Year 2015-2016

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