Subject Societies

All students at Harris Westminster become a member of a subject Society. Each subject has a Society which is timetabled (they take place at midday on Wednesday) and students choose their Society according to their own interests and their university aspirations.

Every year, each Society elects a President to ensure that the Society performs its purposes: to discuss areas of the subject of interest to its members; to provide its members with experience in communicating the subject; and to challenge statements and assumptions and develop tools for argument.

Meetings of each Society normally consist of a presentation from a member followed by questions, with each student presenting at least once a year: the presenters are usually Harris Westminster students although sometimes guest speakers are invited by the President. The aim is that Societies closely resemble a University Seminar experience and are a powerful tool for preparing students for those environments as well as providing the opportunities for extension and exploration in their favourite subjects.

All the major curriculum subjects have a Society and these are supplemented by Societies in popular university subjects which are not taught at school such as: Law, Medicine, and Engineering.

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Extra-Curricular Societies

In addition, a number of (largely student-run) extra-curricular clubs and societies take place throughout the Harris Westminster week. The list below gives a flavour of some of those that have been running this academic year.

ACT Society Drama Club Needlecraft Society
Beginner's Bridge Gender and Sexuality Alliance Orchestra
Chess Club Intelligent Believing Photography Club
Choir Intersectional Feminism Society The Rose
Debate Club Latin for Beginners Running Club
Diplomacy Medical Ethics Club TIRAH