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Inspiring conversation with the : completely in line with our aims to ensure that all students can succeed, irrespective of their academic backgrounds


Mr Handscombe visited some of our alumni at yesterday. Lovely to see them enjoying themselves and embracing their love of learning. @ Cambridge, UK


Just posted a photo


We're for an Assistant Principal - please visit the Harris Careers page for more information.


Just posted a photo @ St Margaret's, Westminster


Just posted a photo @ Westminster


Just posted a photo @ Westminster


Just posted a photo @ Westminster


Just posted a photo @ Westminster


Just posted a photo @ Westminster


Just posted a photo


Just posted a photo


stARTing the weekend right


CPD for Art History teachers led by our very own Rosa Goodman


Just posted a photo @ Westminster


Just posted a photo


Just posted a photo @ Westminster Abbey


Just posted a photo @ Westminster


Just posted a photo @ Westminster


What has been happening this week: workshops on sustainability, a reflection on the privilege of education and the Judgement of Paris

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















The Wigoder Library

The Wigoder Library is a repository for extraordinary books that chronicle learning across time, space and different academic disciplines; it is a scholarly space at the heart of the school for students to engage in extensive, exact, scrupulous, and critical work.

The Wigoder Library is open every school day for student and staff use. It provides a welcoming environment for independent study supported by the resources the Library provides. Students are encouraged to make use of the Library throughout the day in addition to before and after school.

The non-fiction collection contains volumes that have been chosen to provide the most relevant and recent information that has been published as well as provoking further thought and discussion. The large fiction section covers writers of all genders and races from the classics to contemporary fiction.


A carefully curated print collection
Electronic resources accessible via the Student Portal both in and outside of school
A library catalogue where the full holdings of the Library can be searched
Student library accounts for renewals, reservations and requests
A dedicated silent study space providing a scholarly, focused environment

Follow the Wigoder Library on Twitter for the most recent news, discussion and promoted resources

Library Committee

The Library Committee are a group of students who work to highlight and showcase the wonders of the Wigoder Library, both the physical and electronic collection. They are on hand to offer insights into top reads, assist students who are unsure where to start or where to go next and are always keen to discuss what books both students and staff are currently reading. 

Committee Captain Dyala Janselme  
Committee  Chloe Joyce Amandine Kristensen
  Angelina Mirraslavska Tara Mutadich
  Lulu Pelzer Will Stevenson
  Ivelina Zhisheva  

Sanford Scholars

SanfordOwelThe Sanford Scholars programme is designed to help Harris Westminster students explore reading in its widest and truest sense. It aims to encourage students to expand their hinterland horizons as well as providing inspiration if students are struggling to decide which book to explore next. The programme isn’t limited solely to fiction reading, non-fiction reading also plays a key part in the reading tasks to be completed.

Students work through completing three different levels of the programme: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. For each level students complete a number of different reading tasks and record reflections on their reading in their Sanford Scholar zine. There is no time requirement in which a student needs to complete the different levels of the reading programme. They are encouraged and celebrated in their reading with this not being seen as competitive and therefore under a timed demand. 

Students who complete all three levels of the programme are awarded the title of a Sanford Scholar. This is an outstanding achievement and is celebrated strongly within the school community. All students are encouraged to stay true to the values of the most eminent librarian, Sanford Berman, after who the programme is named. Specifically, students are asked to critically question their reading and not be afraid to challenge bias and prejudice within this. Students are also asked to remember that reading is a lifelong passion not solely confined to completing a reading programme.