Head of School's Welcome


Welcome to Harris Westminster Sixth Form. We are one of the highest-performing sixth forms in the UK and it is my enormous privilege to lead it as Head of School. I have worked at Harris Westminster since 2015 and this is truly a special school. My own educational background is a little different to most of our students; I grew up in the United States while attending boarding school in Worcestershire, but I then went on to study Economics at UCL and have been based in London ever since. My own educational journey is what drives my desire to work with students like ours.  I teach maths and love maths- but didn't read it at university (it wasn't the cool option...!) It is our job as sixth form staff to help make sure our students make the best decisions for themselves around what they love, through sharing as much information we can and being sounding boards for their ambitions.

At the heart of our school is the belief that, given the right opportunities, students from any background can succeed at the highest levels, both at university or apprenticeships and in their future careers. Our academic successes are clear, both in terms of outstanding A-Level results and post-18 destinations, and we are particularly proud of the achievement of those students from less advantaged backgrounds.

While academics are important and are the key to opening doors to universities or apprenticeships, it is the enormous breadth of other opportunities available to Harris Westminster students that really set them up for success in life, and sets us apart from other sixth forms. We encourage students to explore the hinterland of their subjects by attending academic societies, reading widely, competing in essay competitions, and responding wisely. We encourage students to explore their own personal hinterland by choosing diverse cultural perspectives courses, attending one of our big-6 societies where they can discuss real-life issues and events, joining clubs just because they sound interesting, choosing unusual sport options, taking part in house events, or by taking on one of the many leadership opportunities available.

At Harris Westminster, we pride ourselves on being a community of scholars.  While this means we all enjoy being really nerdy about our subjects, this also means that we take care of each other the way a community should. We have a strong house system that is the backbone of our pastoral support, but we also have an extensive safeguarding team, school counsellors, a school nurse, external agencies that work with us, and sometimes our school dog also pays us a visit.

Our students will leave Harris Westminster ready and able to take on any challenge they desire.  They will have spent 2 years pushing themselves, demanding the highest standards of themselves and finding out what they are truly capable of. I am very proud to be leading these students and to help them gain everything they hope for.

Claire Scott