Summer 2021 Exams

The Year 13 and Year 12 External Exam Plan can be found here

This document includes guidance on:

How grades will be decided
How the exams will be written and marked
Access Arrangements
Absence from Exams
Special consideration

Special consideration can be applied for both the April and May examinations. To do so students need to complete a form using their Harris Westminster account to login. Special consideration must be applied for within 3 days of an examination. 

The forms below will open at the start of the examination window.

Apply for special consideration for the April Examinations here
Apply for special consideration for the May Examinations here

April 2021 Exam Timetable

  Monday 19th April Tuesday 20th April Wednesday 21st April Thursday 22nd April Friday 23rd April

History (1hr 45min)

Geography AS Paper 1 (55min)

Philosopy Paper 1 (1hr 45min)

Geography AS Paper 2 (55min)

Economics Paper 1 (1hr 20min) Chemistry (2hr 15min) Physics (1hr 30min)

English (2hr 10min)

Core Maths (1hr 30min)

Art History (1hr 15min) Maths (2hr)

French (2hr 15min)

Geography Paper 1 (1hr)

Art (3hr)

Spanish (2hr 15min)

  Monday 26th April Tuesday 27th April Wednesday 28th April
Morning Further Maths (2hr) Geography Paper 2 (1hr) Biology (2hr)

Politics (2hr)

Economics Paper 2 (1hr 10min) Philosophy Paper 2 (1hr)

More information on the Summer 2021 Examinations can be found here