The Tothill Review

The Tothill Review is a collection of works written and edited by the students of Harris Westminster from both Years 12 and 13. It features a mix of short stories, poetry and criticism in addition to artwork.  

All submissions are to be sent (in digital form) to the Editor, Harland Cossons. Digital submissions are preferred and students are strongly encouraged to proofread their own works prior to submission. The Review is published on a half-termly basis, to be published within the contiguous half term breaks. As such, it is asked that all submissions are made prior to the final week of term. The Review welcomes works of short fiction, poetry, or essay, though the latter must be focused loosely on literature or the arts.

The Tothill Review is currently published digitally on 'The Rose', Harris Westminster's school newspaper and blog. The Rose can be viewed here

Past issues of The Tothill Review can be viewed by clicking on their cover image below.