Saturday School

Throughout the academic year there is Saturday School covering all taught subjects. This is an opportunity to focus on a specific subject intensively for the morning and to practice and enhance exam technique in addition to content knowledge.

In Remembrance, Resilience and the first half of Celebration Term it is compulsory for all Year 13 students to attend. At the commencement of the second half of Celebration Term Saturday School is compulsory for Year 12 students only.

The subjects are listed in order of priority. Students with a subject clash will be notified which subject to attend.

 Remembrance Term 2022 - Year 13

10th September 2022 History, Art History, Further Maths
17th September 2022 Economics, French, Chemistry, Art
24th September 2022 PTE, English, Maths
1st October 2022 EPQ, Physics, Geography
8th October 2022 Biology, Politics, Spanish
5th November 2022 English, Chemistry, Politics
12th November 2022 Biology, PTE, Physics 
19th November 2022 Spanish, Art History, Maths
26th November 2022  Geography, Economics, EPQ
3rd December 2022 French, Art, Further Maths
10th December 2022 Physics, History, EPQ

Resilience Term 2023 - Year 13

7th January 2023 Geography, Further Maths, Economics
21st January 2023 Art, Maths, History, French
28th January 2023 PTE, Biology, Spanish
4th February 2023 Politics, Art History, English, Chemistry
25th February 2023 Maths, Politics, PTE. 
4th March 2023 French, EPQ, Chemistry, History
11th March 2023 Spanish, Biology, Art
18th March 2023 Art History, Physics, Economics 
25th March 2023 English, Geography, Further Maths

Celebration Term 2023 - Year 13

22nd April 2023 Art, PTE, Biology
29th April 2023 Further Maths, Physics, Politics
6th May 2023 Chemistry, French, Geography
13th May 2023 History, Maths, Art History
20th May 2023 Art History, Spanish, Economics

Celebration Term 2023 - Year 12

10th June 2023 Chemistry, English, Spanish
17th June 2023 Physics, History, Art
24th June 2023 Politics, Biology, French
1st July 2023 Economics, PTE, Art History
8th July 2023 Further Maths, Maths, Geography