Harris Westminster Sixth Form is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of young people, and we expect everyone who works in our Sixth Form to share this commitment.

Staff, volunteers and visitors have a duty to report concerns about a young person, either because the young person may be in need of additional support or if it is thought that a child may have been abused or is at risk of abuse.

If staff need to express concerns about a young person, we understand that this can cause distress or anger for the young persons family. It is important that the family and staff try to discuss these matters as calmly and sensible as possible.

In some cases the Sixth Form is obliged to refer to Children’s Social Care for young people to have their needs assessed of if an investigation into possible child abuse is required. In many cases there will already have been discussions between staff and students’ parents, and the situation and concerns will not be a surprise to the parents. However, parents may not be told that the Sixth Form has referred their child to Children’s Social Care if it is thought that this might put the young person at risk.
If you think your child may have been abused you can contact your Borough’s Social Care team directly. Safeguarding information can be found on all Borough websites. Alternatively, you can contact the Sixth Form’s Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Al Grant
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Kiylee White
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead James Handscombe

In urgent cases please take the following action:

If a young person is in immediate risk of harm or there is an imminent threat of harm to others, please call 999
For any other concerns relating to the safety or wellbeing of a young person please contact your Borough’s Social Care team