Past Essay Prizes

Academic Year 2017-2018

Wigoder Essay PrizeAn introduction to U.S. politics through the lens of The Declaration of Independence by Benazir Begum


Runners up for the Wigoder Essay Prize:

An introduction to longevity, through the lens of molecular and microbiology by Nicolle Arroyave
An introduction to our changing relationship with the ‘Animal’ through the lens of two performance artists by Lois Eastburn
An Introduction to Anthropology Through the Lens of Reality Television by Katie Moran
An Introduction to Quadratic Reciprocity Through the Lens of Quadratic Gauss Sums by Harry Spencer


Remembrance Term Essay Prize: The Colour Wheel Diagram: Musings on the Nature of Love by Sadia Ahmed


 Runners up for the Remembrance Term Essay Prize:

Nature of Memory and Forgetting in Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease by Joshua Lee Melo
My Favourite Diagram by Isabel Thompson


Resilience Term Essay Prize: My favourite piece of poetry: 'Arabella' by Artic Monkeys by Mia Kitty Barbe Wilson


 Runners up for the Resilience Term Essay Prize: 

My favourite poem: 'Porphyria's Lover' by Robert Browning by Tamanna Jithest
An elegant weapon for a more civilised age: Everything you need to know about the lightsabre by Joe Sanders


Celebration Term Essay Prize: The Human Value of Intelligence by Alessia Ciocanea
Celebration Term Essay Prize: Why Dishonored 2 is a Character-Driven Masterpiece by Joe Sanders


Academic Year 2016-2017

Wigoder Essay Prize: From carrots to Kevlar: exploring the fourth state of matter by Julia Evans


Academic Year 2015-2016

Wigoder Essay Prize: Can we justify denying Prisoners a vote by Christine Funke

Other prize winners:

A Whistle-stop Tour of Some Curious Maths(s) by Edward Miller
Uchi-Soto by Helena Rickeard
Where do Words go by Osman Rokni