Key Dates

Remembrance Term

13th September UCAS Information Evening
26th - 30th September Year 12 and Year 13 Assessment Week
13th October Student Reports Issued
7th and 8th November Year 12 Parents' Evening
14th November Remembrance Service (Parents Welcome) 
27th November - 1st December Year 12 Assessment Week
5th December Carols at St Margaret's
11th - 13th December Year 13 Mock Examinations
15th December Student Reports Issued

Resilience Term

16-17th January Year 13 Parents' Evening
22nd - 26th January Year 12 and Year 13 Assessment Week
8th February                        Student Reports Issued
12th - 17th March Year 12 and Year 13 Assessment Week
29th March Student Reports Issued

Celebration Term

16th - 19th April             Year 13 Mock Examinations
8th - 12th May Year 12 Assessment Week
25th May Student Reports Issued
18th - 23rd June Year 12 End of Year Examinations
3rd July Celebration Evening
5th July Student Reports Issued