Medicine/Dentistry and Veterinary Science

In order to make a competitive application for Medicine/Dentistry and Veterinary Science candidates are advised to achieve A*s/As in the following subjects:

A fourth A-level (an Arts/Humanities subject is entirely appropriate)

In Year 12 students are part of a society and those who have an interest in potentially pursuing Medicine/Dentistry and Veterinary Science are part of Biomedical Society. As part of this society students are encouraged to independently research and present on a number of scientific and medical developments, which will support their deeper understanding of science as well as being useful for their UCAS application.

If students’ grades (MLGs) and GCSE profile are strong enough, they will be invited to join Medical Society in Celebration 1. Students will then receive in-house support on Medicine applications, UKCAT/BMAT support and advice on which universities to apply for. Additionally, we have strong links with Westminster School who provide our students with supportive advice and talks about the process. We are active in inviting medical professionals in to give talks to our students to help them make an informed choice about whether to apply for such a competitive course.

Students who do not have the MLG profile of 6.5 or above will be advised to not apply for Medicine/Dentistry or Veterinary Science, given the highly competitive nature of the courses.

For more information on Medicine and entrance examinations please see the below links:

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