Candidates who are suitable to apply to either the University of Cambridge or Oxford University receive an informative talk in Resilience Term about the application process and the competitive nature of applying. Students who have strong GCSE results (7+ A*/A) and strong MLGs (Most Likely Grades) of 6.5 and above are considered to be strong candidates for Oxbridge and encouraged to apply if they wish to do so. N.B Students with weaker GCSE results who have demonstrated subject excellence and have very strong MLGs are also encouraged to apply.

We have strong links with our partner colleges:

Magdalen College, Oxford
Jesus College, Cambridge

Around 90-100 students in Year 12 have trips organised to visit either of these institutions and receive an invaluable insight into the application process.

We encourage all possible Oxbridge candidates to read widely and critically during their studies in Year 12 and during the summer holiday. Candidates can find support regarding Oxbridge in the following links:

Balliol College, Oxford
King's College, Cambridge
University College London
The Harris Westminster Internal Canon

In Year 13 students receive comprehensive support from subject departments and Westminster School to prepare them for the Oxbridge entrance examinations and mock interviews. If candidates are called to interview, they will be invited by their respective college either at the end of November or beginning of December. Candidates will find out decisions from mid-January 2018.