UCAS and Careers

UCAS and careers is coordinated by the Assistant Principal with the aim of ensuring students are provided with the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding their future. All students in Year 12 receive a careers interview from a Federation approved careers advisor and in Celebration Term students receive a UCAS mentor, who will guide them through the process.

Harris Westminster provides a number of opportunities, which will help our students make a competitive UCAS application:

Lab talks
Scholarly Societies
Summer School opportunities
Comprehensive in-house support


Students start preparing and thinking about UCAS at the beginning of Resilience Term, where they’ll receive assemblies on Oxbridge, Medicine and the UCAS process. Students are encouraged to conduct research into various courses and universities by using the UCAS undergraduate search tool.

Over the Easter holidays and Celebration 1 students complete a centralised spreadsheet outlining which course they would like to study and possible universities (although these may be subject to change) and from this mentors are assigned.

In Celebration 2 students meet with their mentors to discuss their initial choices and are asked to complete a draft personal statement for their mentor to review over the summer break. In addition, all students take part in a Personal Statement Day, which takes place on 5th July from Periods 1-3. During this day students will also sign up to UCAS and complete some of their details.

When students return to Harris Westminster in Remembrance term as Year 13s, they will meet with their mentor a further two times in order to finalise the following:

Their personal statement
Their course choice
Their university choice - dependent on predicated grades

Students pay for their UCAS application and once they press send this will automatically go to the Assistant Principal before being finally sent off to UCAS and their universities. All personal statements, references and applications are thoroughly checked by Heads of Faculty and Senior Leadership before being sent to UCAS.


29.09.18 all Oxbridge/Medicine candidates have their applications finalised and completed
15.10.18 external deadline for all Oxbridge/Medicine applications
30.10.18 students sit Oxbridge and BMAT entrance examinations
Remembrance 2 (until 15.12.18) all remaining applications are finalised and sent to UCAS
24.03.19 external deadline for all Art and Design applications

Predicted Grades

Predicted grades are ambitiously realistic and are based holistically on student performance over year 12 in a range of assessments as well as their End of Year (EOY) examination performance in the summer or AS (if applicable). If a student is applying to Oxbridge or Medicine, their predicted grades will be finalised in September. All other applicants have Remembrance 1 as a last opportunity to improve their predicted grades for their UCAS application. Predicted grades are non-negotiable.

Useful UCAS and University Links for Parents/ Carers

Medicine/ Dentistry and Veterinary Science
Art and Design
US and International Universities

Destination Data (2017)

Russell Group University No. Russell Group University No.
University of Bristol                     5 Queen Mary, University of London 17
University of Cambridge 5 University of Sheffield 3
Cardiff University 2 University of Southampton 1
Durham University 4 UCL (University College London) 11
University of Edinburgh 3 University of Warwick 8
University of Exeter 4 University of York 2
University of Glasgow 1 University of Bath 3
Imperial College London 5 University of Nottingham 5
Kings College London 13 Oxford University 10
University of Leeds 3 London School of Economics 2
University of Liverpool 2 University of Manchester 5

Harris Westminster Careers

Statement of Intent; Roles and Responsibilities

As well as fostering a lifelong love of learning, Harris Westminster Sixth Form aims to prepare students for life in the work place. 
To that end, our Provider Access Policy Statement has been developed as follows:
An Assistant Principal oversees Careers Provision. 
The Careers Advisor is a member of the Federation Careers Team (who subscribe to the CDI Code of Ethics) that works across the Harris Federation to deliver independent careers guidance to all students. The Harris Federation careers consultant oversees the work of the entire careers team, with an advisor attending Harris Westminster Sixth Form one day per week.
All staff contribute to the careers provision in their roles as tutors and teachers.
A stable careers programme which addresses the needs of each students; personal guidance
Within the first weeks of their arrival at Harris Westminster, students complete a questionnaire in their tutor groups aimed to get them thinking about their future career prospects.  These data are collated and used to inform our trained Careers Advisor (Ann Evans) with whom each student has at least one personal meeting with during Year 12. 
Records of Academic Monitoring (RAMs) are kept by each tutor and students are able to access these files to update their careers records and reflect on their potential career development.
All students are entitled to find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeship opportunities as part of a programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options post sixth-form.  
Parents are regularly updated of their child’s progress via half-tremly data reports.  Written comments are provided at least once a year, as are Parents’ Evenings – which give parents, students and staff an opportunity to discuss academic and career trajectory. 
Learning from career and labour market information; encounters with higher education
Nearly all students apply for University (or vocational colleges) via UCAS in Year 13.  Some also make applications to international institutions, including the United States.  University Open Days are published and students are encouraged to visit these in their own time, as well as being given up to two days’ of school time to visit universities. 
Harris Westminster also runs some special visits to Oxford and Cambridge, and some faculties arrange subject-specific visits to universities. 
All students are entitled to understand how to make applications to the full range of academic and technical courses and have a personal mentor who guides them through the UCAS application, providing support on completing their personal statement, choosing their courses, completing their forms, and preparing for any entrance examination/interview. 
Linking curriculum learning to careers
Our broad range of Cultural Perspectives courses often link learning to various careers, including those which use STEM subjects.  For example, a genetics CP cross-breeding fruit flies is run by Dr McKendry.
Faculties contribute to their own careers related displays and teachers are encouraged to speak about all the career opportunities that their subjects provide. 
All students belong to a subject society that meets each week.  Students take it in turns to present on a topic to their society, fostering essential skills that will be instrumental in the workplace. 
Encounters with employers and employees
All students are encouraged to attend the weekly Lab lecture – which features guest speakers from a broad church of academic and vocational fields. These speakers address what it is like to be in the workplace, share their experiences and take questions.  Some students are invited to take tea with the Principal and Lab speaker at the end of the lecture – providing them with further opportunities to discuss their chosen field. 
A list of “What’s On” is published each half term with details of lectures, workshops, and careers events. 
Students are invited to a number of careers fairs.  For example, a Journalism Careers Panel at Westminster School in February 2018.
Experiences of workplaces
Students are expected to undertake a week (or two weeks’) work experience in the summer vacation of Year 12 which they reflect on and write up upon their return to Year 13. 
As opportunities for work placements, internships and voluntary work arise, they are advertised to all students. 
For example, three girls visited Lazard (Asset Management Consultancy) in November 2017 and were invited to apply for an internship in summer 2018.

Contacting Us

If you would are an organisation who would like to contact someone about coming in to give a presentation, or provide literature to students, please email Enquiries
Approval and review
Approved: 4th March 2018 at Finance and General Purposes Committee
Next Review: March 2019
Signed: John Hall, Chair of Governors
           James Handscombe, Principal