Assemblies & PSCHE


Harris Westminster Sixth Form offers students a holistic Personal, Social, Citizenship, and Health Education and Academic Monitoring programme. Form tutors work with students to ensure their pastoral and academic well-being; students are held to account for the routines they implement for working effectively. The PSCHE programme runs alongside this, in which students address a variety of subject matters, such as health and nutrition, enabling them to make responsible decisions at and beyond sixth form. This time is also used to lay the foundations of a sound transition to university, where students are supported throughout their application process and prepare to take the next steps in their academic career.


Harris Westminster students and staff enjoy a full and varied programme of assembies. Once a week assemblies happen in St Margaret's Church in Parliament Square and once a month we are privileged to hold our assembly in Westminster Abbey, a great British monument and instituion. Students also have house assemblies on a regular basis. Assemblies, which are taken by staff and students, are important occasions to consider our ethos as the Harris Westminster community, our British values, the world we live in and to take stock and to celebrate achievements. Assemblies often include a musical peformance and are always introduced by a member of the Student Senate.

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In addition to weekly assemblies one of the highlights of Remembrance Term is the 11th November Remembrance service in Westminster Abbey. This service includes reflection on the sacrifices made by so many in wars throughout history. This sacrifice is marked by a wreath being laid on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier as a symbol that their legacy shall not be forgotten. This service gives both students and staff at Harris Westminster the opportunity to reflect on their own legacy, the ambitions behind them and the perseverance needed to achieve them.