Assessment Model

The Harris Westminster assessment model is another unique aspect of life in the sixth form. Here are some of the features of how our assessment model works. 

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Assessment in every lesson and lab

Assessment happens every day. Students are encouraged to listen very carefully to, and act upon, the feedback they are given by teachers in class in every lesson. Answers to questions, advice, explanations are the lifeblood of learning and we encourage students to take them in, greedily.

Assessment of writing in every subject

Usually every week, and at least once a fortnight, students will get written feedback on their work from their teachers in every subject. Students are encouraged to read and think about this very carefully; it should be the starting point for a dialogue about how to make the next piece of work even better.

Students’ work is assessed for Mechanics, Purpose, Response (or a combination of these, see below for further information) or against the mark scheme for the examination specification that students are following in that particular subject.

Assessment week every half term

Every half term there is an assessment week. Each subject will set some kind of test. This may be a short skills or mechanics test or a longer examination question or questions.

Once the assessment has been marked, students produce a response, showing that they understand what they did well, how they need to improve and making a clear plan for smart, strategic next steps.

Assessment reported half-termly

At the end of every half term students receive a report which gives them a mark out of 10 for each subject in the following areas:

Mechanics: this mark tells students how well they are doing with the current material (the most recent unit); it tells them how good they are at recall, at learning for tests, at writing and working accurately.
Purpose: this mark tells students how good they are at seeing the “big picture”, at answering “synoptic” or overview or end of course style questions, at asking hard questions and at solving problems.
Response: this mark tells students how well they are responding to feedback, taking responsibility for their learning and making a smart, strategic effort to improve.
MLG: this mark is the "most likely grade" that teachers think a student will achieve at the end of a two year course.