Cultural Perspectives

Cultural Perspectives courses are another unique aspect of the academic offer at Harris Westminster. In Year 12, alongside their 4 A level or Pre-U courses, students elect to study 2 further courses each term. These are 8 week courses which students attend for one lesson a week and they prove a rich and diverse intellectual and cultural seam. Cultural Perspectives courses encourage students to foster new skills and to explore new ideas, developing their ability to debate and argue; to form and communicate their own opinions; and to wrestle with thorny ethical issues to which there is no simple, widely accepted answer.

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Students can choose from a huge variety of courses which offer them the opportunity to embrace learning opportunities beyond the narrow confines of the A level curriculum. These Cultural Perspectives courses provide them with an amazing array of knowledge and ideas both to inform their UCAS applications and to enliven any university interviews that they might be fortunate enough to be invited to. They are also interesting on their own terms and are often the intellectual and cultural highlights of many students’ weeks.

The following list is a selection of some of the remarkable courses that Harris Westminster students have been able to sign up to just this academic year:

Art that Shocked the World Mr McKean Mansplains Feminism
Beyond the Headlines Myth Busting Mental Health
Conversational Spanish Political Satire
Game Theory Race Relations
Genius and Madness: Composers of Classical Music Through the Ages Ready Player One: A History of Nintendo Video Games Consoles
Greek Mythology Spoken Word Poetry
How Maps Change the Way We Think The Arab-Israeli Conflict
-isms and Other Animals The Origins of the Novel
Love Through the Ages The Philosophy of Physics
Mavericks and Isolates: An Introduction to American Literature The Theory of Knowledge in the Sciences
Mindfulness Vicious Vikings