Wilberforce House


Wilberforce House celebrates the ambition, perseverance and legacy of William Wilberforce. From Northern beginnings, Wilberforce went up to St. John's College, Cambridge, before becoming an independent Member of Parliament (so he could vote according to his conscience). Fuelled by his Christian faith and an ambition to redress the great injustices of his society, Wilberforce persevered for 26 years to abolish the slave trade. His legacy includes the abolition of slavery and the RSPCA. This is a mantle and a challenge to hand down to members of Wilberforce House - to change our society for the better.

The Head of Wilberforce House is Tristan Stone

Year 12 Form Tutors Gabriela Quintero Hania Stella-Sawicka Katherine Wasley  Tom Carding
Year 13 Form Tutors András Hrasko Lizzie Skeaping Nathaniel Bellot Richard Ogden
House Captain Yinka Aresa      
Vice Captains Guilherme Gomes De Figueiredo Vanessa Nkemayang