Turing House


Turing House salutes the legacy of Alan Turing, the father of computer science, a visionary Mathematician, a war-hero cryptanalyst and marathon runner. His ambition revolutionised the field of computer science through theoretical work and he helped develop the computing devices that underpin the internet and all modern electronic equipment. Turing's perseverance and astute cryptography helped him to crack the German U-boat code, becoming a hero of the Second World War. He was also an Olympic-standard marathon runner, running 40 miles to key government war meetings. His story ends in tragedy with suicide following conviction for homosexuality by the illiberal British state in the 1950s.

The Head of Turing House is Stephanie Birch

Year 12 Form Tutors Michael Pirbakas Sophia Bellaoui Steve Flannery Sky Kang
Year 13 Form Tutors Ben Leadbetter Charlotte Fox Nora Kettleborough Kate Gould
House Captain Cynthia Anyaoku-Clough      
Vice Captains Klea Krasniqi Indiana M-Green