Mathematics and Physics

 Adam Gorman - Head of Mathematics and Physics Faculty

Adam Gorman began a joint honours degree in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Glasgow. After the first two years his love of all things abstract lead Adam to leave the lab and instead opt for Pure and Applied maths with an emphasis on the pure! His final year dissertation was on Burnside’s theorem, which concerns the solubility of finite groups. After briefly working in finance in Glasgow and London, Adam completed teacher training at Goldsmiths University and has taught GCSE and A-Level in South London for the last 10 years. A keen cyclist, Adam once cycled to Paris in 24 hours and is always on the lookout for a two-wheeled challenge.

Eleonora Crestani – Second in Mathematics and Physics Faculty

Eleonora Crestani studied Mathematics at the University of Padova (the same one where Galileo taught) and completed her PhD there on Pure Maths in 2009. Between her PhD and starting teaching at Secondary school,  she has been an Assistant Professor in Italy and Visiting Researcher both in the UK and USA. During this period, she taught Calculus and Algebra  to Undergraduate Maths and Computer Science students but she mostly studied, did research and wrote papers on generation problems in groups and  probabilistic group theory. As well as maths, she loves reading, watching movies  and hiking especially on the Alps close to her hometown.

Sean Blake - Teacher of Mathematics

Sean Blake studied Mathematics at Newcastle University, where he completed his Master's dissertation on cosmological inflation. After moving to London, he worked in sales and marketing before finishing his Postgraduate Diploma in Education at UCL. Outside of school Sean spends a lot of his time running, trying not to get hurt practising jiu-jitsu or too despondent supporting Newcastle United. 

Grace Bowen - Teacher of Mathematics

Grace was born and raised in London and loved exploring the city growing up. She studied Mathematics at the University of Bristol and enjoyed topics such as Bayesian Modelling and Moden Mathematical Biology. She then completed her teacher training at the University of York before returning to the big city and has never looked back! In her free time, Grace enjoys what she refers to as 'passive hobbies' such as crocheting, reading and all things puzzle related. She also occasionally partakes in hill walking, with a particular fondness for the Lake District

Cyril Cannamela - Teacher of Mathematics

Cyril Cannamela worked for 20 years in finance, mostly trading equity derivatives products on shares dealt across the five continents. Throughout his career, he discovered Asia, living 5 years in Japan and 6 years in Hong Kong and travelling to many other countries in the region. He eventually decided to quit that world to teach Mathematics. Indeed, having graduated in the top "Grande École" in France, his interest for sciences never faltered over the years.
He is an experienced sailor and his main hobbies are listening to Jazz music, kite surfing and hiking, where his most exciting achievement was to climb Mont Blanc.

Ewa Jinman - Teacher of Mathematics
Head of Garrett House

Ewa Jinman read Mathematics at Warsaw University in Poland. During her degree programme she studied topics including Number Theory and Topology but her favourite was Differential Equations. Upon graduating she taught Mathematics in secondary schools and sixth forms. In addition she also taught English, with an emphasis on grammar, to secondary school students in Poland. She moved to England in 1997 and since then her teaching, and heart, has remained with Mathematics. Outside of school she enjoys travelling, reading about Psychology (especially the works of Malcolm Gladwell) and DIY. She also reminisces about her school days where she played netball and represented the school in handball.

Ella Liu - Teacher of Mathematics

Ella Liu grew up by the sea in Qingdao, China. She completed the Chinese senior high school curriculum and A-levels at the same time before moving to the UK. Despite her childhood dream of being a war correspondent or stand-up comedian, she chose to read Mathematics with Statistics at Imperial College London. Perhaps she found some commonalities: maths is both adventurous and entertaining!  Ella went on to conduct educational research at the University of Cambridge as she identified the profession closest to her comedian dream. Ella is an avid fan of touring around the globe (thus upset by travel restrictions!), and she has been to 20+ countries including North Korea. She enjoys playing card games and immersing herself in a D.I.Y kit in her spare time. Besides, she could play a traditional Chinese string instrument called Guzheng (26 strings and 64 inches long)! 

Jialu Zhang - Teacher of Mathematics

Jialu Zhang studied mathematics at King’s College London before branching off into the darker realms of educational research at Warwick University. His specialities lie in complex networks and game theory, enjoying real life applications of written theory. Jialu has a variety of hobbies; being a qualified scuba-diver, avid chess player, concert pianist and fantasy novel eccentric. Although he won’t admit it, his favourite thing to do is to tackle complex maths problems for a worrying amount of time. He loves everything maths and numbers related, always appreciating an equation or maths joke!

Minas Bacharis - Teacher of Physics

Minas Bacharis is a teacher of Physics at Harris Westminster. Dr Bacharis completed a BSc degree in Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, an MSc in Process Systems Engineering at Cranfield University, followed by a PhD and postdoctoral research in Plasma Physics at Imperial College. His research focused on the study of complex plasmas and their impact in magnetic confinement fusion. In his spare time, he enjoys books, movies, table tennis and chess.

Fumbi Mhlanga - Teacher of Physics

Mr F. Mhlanga hails from revolutionary and sometimes controversial Zimbabwe. I grew up at Inyati mission, established by Robert Mofart, in 1959 where my father was a farm manager. My hero is my mother who was one of the first six women to enter secondary school education in the whole Zimbabwe, which was a massive achievement considering the very competitive nature of the educational system in Zimbabwe, actually she was taught by Robert Mugabe, the future president of Zimbabwe, at secondary school. The missionaries there, were very progressive because she acted as Jesus during Easter, perhaps the only woman in the world ever to do so, maybe because she was very tall, outrageously beautiful and spoke English much better than some of the missionaries. Imagine watching your mother being crucified on a yearly basis, child welfare was unheard of then. She was also an excellent driver especially at the wheel of my most favorite car ever the futuristic Concorde of motor vehicles, Citroen DS 19 station wagon, French design at its best, it had a hydraulic suspension and could run on three wheels. However, like most women then she didn’t quite achieve her potential but, I have fond memories of us playing Chinese checkers. On the other hand, my father, would have us at the edge of our seats by racing fellow farmers, whenever it took his fancy. I then came to the United Kingdom where I studied Pure Physics at Portsmouth Polytechnic where, fortunately, I was taught by chartered physicist i.e. they had gained their doctorates and then applied this knowledge to its limits in industry, so they really knew what they were talking about. My favorite teacher would go through the whole course in Statistical Mechanics and Classical Thermodynamics only equipped with a piece of chalk and a blackboard, some kind of a desert island physicist, he will always be my role model. I started of making power supplies from scratch and by my final year project I was doing single crystal and powder X-Ray diffraction studies. I then went on to do an M. Sc. in Nuclear and Particle Physics at the Theoretical Physics Unit, at Birkbeck College, University of London, which was established by Prof. David Bohm, one of the pioneers and original thinkers on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. He is one of those physicists who ignored Bohr’s advice to ‘shut up and calculate’ but, instead tried to understand what it was all about. We looked at Nuclear models, the Dirac equation, Quantum Field theory, Gauge theories in Particle physics and the foundations of quantum mechanics. I have also studied Cosmology, under a former PhD student of Prof. Steve Hawkings at Queen Mary, University of London. This is where I first learnt of primordial black as proposed by Stephen Hawkings and Roger Penrose. I have also appeared on I a series of episodes on Newsnight, BBC2 – The Physics Student, where I prepared the journalist Steve Smith for an AS Physics exam. If I was to do a doctorate, it would be on the nature of the Vacuum State i.e. in emptiness lies everything. I am also a student of the Seven Mantis Shaolin Kung Fu, the only system named after an insect, but a very vicious one, the female devours the male after mating. I am really amazed and astonished that someone of my humble beginnings finds himself rubbing shoulders with some of the best teachers and minds, educated in some of the best institutions in the land,  with a cohort of the most talented students in the country led by an outstanding and inspirational visionary.