Tom Collins - Head of Mathematics Faculty

Tom Collins worked in Management Consultancy and Corporate Finance before becoming a Mathematics Teacher. He studied Mathematics, Physics and Music at A-Level and went on to read Mathematics at Cambridge. His favourite theorem at A-Level is de Moivre's, which elegantly links many branches of Mathematics: complex numbers, trigonometry and the exponential function. In his spare time he enjoys classical music, fitness and sport- escaping as often as possible to the great outdoors. His most recent excursion was running a marathon from Brighton to Eastbourne across the South Downs to raise money for charity.

Stephanie Birch - Teacher of Mathematics
Head of Turing House

Growing up in Western Australia, Stephanie Birch completed five A-level equivalent subjects and, like many students, struggled to narrow her interests to a single choice at university. While pursuing English and Drama would have indulged her love of reading, writing, and performance, and the sciences offered interest and intrigue, it was the beauty of Further Mathematics which lead her to complete a Bachelor Degree in Mathematical Sciences at Curtin University. Having always enjoyed the satisfaction of solving a difficult proof, and finding great enjoyment in the challenge of explaining complex concepts and solutions to her peers, pairing her Mathematics Degree with a Bachelor of Education was the natural progression of her interests (and squeezing in enough Literature units to earn an English minor provided tangents to explore beyond the mathematical). Mrs Birch has taught in a number of schools throughout Australia and England, and feels she has found a home away from home at Harris Westminster Sixth Form; soaking up all the wonderful history and culture that London has to offer. When not sight-seeing, Mrs Birch enjoys cooking, playing board games, and dispensing delightful fiction to her friends in doses just large enough to spawn an addiction to whichever realm of Fantasy she is currently adventuring through

Eleonora Crestani – Teacher of Mathematics

Eleonora Crestani studied Mathematics at the University of Padova (the same one where Galileo taught) and completed her PhD there on Pure Maths in 2009. Between her PhD and starting teaching at Secondary school,  she has been an Assistant Professor in Italy and Visiting Researcher both in the UK and USA. During this period, she taught Calculus and Algebra  to Undergraduate Maths and Computer Science students but she mostly studied, did research and wrote papers on generation problems in groups and  probabilistic group theory. As well as maths, she loves reading, watching movies  and hiking especially on the Alps close to her hometown.

Greg East - Teacher of Mathematics, Politics and Economics 

Greg East teaches Politics, Economics & Maths at Harris Westminster. Having studied Politics, Philosophy & Economics at Durham University he went onto teach Maths & Politics at a school in Newcastle, completing his training through the Teach First programme. Politically active from a young age, Greg’s specialisms lie in the history of the British Left and the modern electoral strategies of UK political parties. Having run the debating programme at his previous school, he believes in the power of speech and argument, and is passionate about his students becoming articulate and self-confident orators. Aside from teaching Greg is a keen tennis and football player, and when he’s not playing sport, he spends time following his beloved Derby County FC.

András Hraskó – Teacher of Mathematics

András Hraskó studied mathematics in Budapest and at the University of Warwick and obtained MSc and PhD degrees in Pure Mathematics. He is proud of having answered a question posed by the engineering faculty at MIT by understanding the elliptic curve underlying the physical problem. András has been teaching in secondary schools for 25 years and has written several books with students, with teachers and also with professors. He has given lectures and developed teaching materials, for example: about the mathematics of the CD disk; the application of the theories of modern physics in mathematics; and, on the mathematics of Renaissance Art. One of his students, Khalid Hassan, recently won a First Prize in the Bolyai Institute of the University of Szeged competition.  András used to teach problem solving for “future teachers” at the ELTE University Budapest for several years and regularly led sessions on the joint British Hungarian International Olympiad Training Camps. In his free time he reads history and literature, rides his bike and climbs mountains in Scotland, Wales, the Tatras, in the Alps and in the Caucasus. For several years he has also led groups of students on “hiking-biking” expeditions to different mountains through beautiful valleys.

Laura Inal - Teacher of Mathematics

Laura Inal joined Harris Westminster in 2017. She read mathematics at university and particularly enjoyed studying fluid dynamics. Following her degree she moved to Hampshire to work in sixth form colleges and specialise as an A level maths teacher. Having grown up in Norfolk, Laura enjoys spending time walking in the country side and partaking in clay pigeon shooting. She also loves to travel, with her favourite destinations so far being Ecuador and Hong Kong. 

Alex Knight - Teacher of Mathematics

Alex Knight joined Harris Westminster Sixth Form in 2016. He decided to read mathematics at The University of Manchester after being inspired by his A-level mathematics teacher. Born in Yorkshire, he is still acclimatising to life in London. Mr. Knight trained as a teacher in Manchester, and subsequently worked there for a number of years. He has most recently been teaching in an International school in Milan. Aside from his love of hiking, he enjoys visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures.

Ben Leadbetter – Teacher of Mathematics

Ben Leadbetter joined Harris Westminster Sixth Form in 2015. He read pure mathematics at Bristol University, specialising in number theory, logic and complex algebra. Born and bred in North-East London, son to an artist and a musician and descended from the composer Lionel Bart, Mr Leadbetter deems maths to be a creative subject. He has numerous other interests besides mathematics including swimming, 80s disco, post-apocalyptic sci-fi, juggling, gastronomy, socialism and modern art.

Tanya Mestry – Teacher of Mathematics

Tanya Mestry studied Mathematics at the University of Warwick, during which time she spent a summer volunteering as a teacher in Tanzania. Whilst her main focus was pure mathematics, Tanya particularly enjoyed studying probability and statistics and completed her Second Year Essay on Markov processes and their applications in queuing theory. She also utilised the flexibility in her degree course to study modules from a range of departments including Philosophy, French and Education. Tanya taught mathematics in secondary schools in South London and has since worked as an actuarial consultant before joining Harris Westminster in 2016. In her spare time she enjoys playing five-a-side football and spending time by the sea in her hometown of Brighton.