Tom Carding - Head of Humanities Faculty 

Tom Carding teaches History and Politics at Harris Westminster. He has taught in secondary schools and in a sixth form college, and has also tried his hand at teaching German and Law. At A level he studied History, English Literature, German and Mathematics, before moving to University College London where he studied History with German. This included spending the third year studying History in German at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He then combined his interests with a Masters in German History, also at University College London. His extended research project, about East Germans’ experiences of travelling abroad, was based on oral history interviews and research of Stasi files in the Federal Archives. When he is not cooking or eating, Tom enjoys cycling and playing football, especially when there is an element of competition involved. This explains why he plays football for three different teams, in three different leagues, on three consecutive days of the week.

Andy Cawthera - Teacher of Economics

Andy Cawthera studied Economics and Education at York and Education Policy and Planning at Manchester.  He has taught in several schools and colleges and has spent the last twenty years working in government, The World Bank, charities and consultancy, covering economics, education, international development, research, evaluation, policy and delivery.  He is trying to re-start a people’s literacy movement in Bangladesh and enjoys hiking, most things outdoors, classical music, thinking, conversation, disciplined innovation and listening to Radio 3 and 4.

James Jowett - Teacher of Economics

James Jowett teaches Economics at Harris Westminster Sixth Form. Having studied and loved Economics at A-level, he went on to study it at the University of Nottingham. James has a particular interest in development economics and has become an avid reader of topics surrounding the roots of poverty and prosperity around the world. This stems from an international background during his younger years, having lived in countries such as France, Belgium and Australia, as well as having travelled to most corners of the world. In his spare time, James is a huge sports fan ranging from football to cricket and has particular love for Manchester City FC.

Renna Karia - Teacher of Economics

Renna Karia’s interest in politics and economics stemmed from her desire as a young girl to make sense of the world she was living in. Her degree in the subjects and PGCE allowed her to embark on a rich and varied teaching career. She has taught in colleges and schools in both the UK and Cyprus, with the prestigious English School in Nicosia being her last post. She has run several economics departments and economics societies and has been involved in teacher training and the Comenius School Exchange Program. Even after 30 years in education, Renna is still passionate about teaching and is committed to ensuring her students grow to be self-empowered and confident young leaders.

Alex Ryzak - Teacher of Economics and Mathematics

Alex Ryzak teaches Economics.  She studied Economics, Politics, Maths, English Literature and Chemistry at AS and A level and went on to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford.  She is a recent convert to teaching, having spent 5 years applying herself to solving the principal-agent problem as an executive pay consultant.  Alex's love of academia was revitalised by her recent completion of an MSc in Human Resource Management at Birkbeck, University of London (the night student's college) and this convinced her to move into teaching.  In her spare time Alex enjoys walking, baking, jogging and listening to Radio 4.

Afua Kokayi - Teacher of Geography

Afua Kokayi teaches Geography at Harris Westminster Sixth Form. She studied Chemistry, French and Geography at A level and went on to study Geography at the University of Nottingham, having developed an interest in climate change and environmental stewardship. While at university Afua began to explore Cultural Geography and embraced an interdisciplinary approach to exploring personal geographies in her dissertation. Following her degree she worked in a school in Spain before starting work as a teacher in in the UK. Outside of teaching, Afua has worked in professional services at PwC. In her spare time she likes to tend her excessive number of house plants.

Rohit Rao - Teacher of Geography
Head of Somerville House

Rohit Rao grew up in the Lake District, which fostered his passion for Geography. Studying Geography and French at the University of St Andrews allowed him to specialise in dendroclimatology, publishing a paper on the use of tree rings to cheaply and accurately observe past climate change. As a student, Mr Rao spent his time kayaking and climbing in the Highlands, and coordinating overseas expeditions, including a coast-to-coast bicycle journey across Africa. He has taught for a year beside the Great Barrier Reef, a year in the Indian Ocean, a year in the Caribbean and a year in the Amazon, as well as two years in exotic Dagenham. In his spare time, Mr Rao enjoys coaching tennis, watching sport and indulging his love of spicy food.

Richard Ogden - Teacher of History

Richard Ogden teaches History at Harris Westminster. He studied Classical Archaeology & Ancient History at Oxford University where he was a Choral Scholar. Richard began his career teaching music at an independent school in Oxford before moving into government contracting, where he supported the Department for Work & Pensions and the Ministry of Justice in the delivery of national welfare programmes. Before returning to teaching, Richard worked as a consultant for a performance-improvement company run by former British Olympic and World Champion rowers. An enthusiastic sportsman if certainly no Olympian himself, Richard has had the peculiar privilege of singing for three Grammy Award-winning choirs.

Fiona Templeton – Teacher of History

Fiona Templeton teaches History at Harris Westminster. She has taught for over six years in a number of schools and also has experience leading and teaching Economics. At school Mrs Templeton studied History, English Literature, Economics and German at A level and studied History at the University of Manchester. She ended up specialising in early medieval and medieval ecclesiastical History and her ultimate History idol is Diarmaid MacCulloch. Her final dissertation focused on using literature as a source in order to assess social trends, in this instance using Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales in assessing the emergence of ‘new anti-clericalism’ in 14th century England. She is a keen reader and is determined to complete the 1001 books to read before you die challenge but is currently stuck on 72. Mrs Templeton is fluent in German having been born and raised there and is interested in German History and how it has been studied and perceived.

Peter McKean - Teacher of History and Politics

Peter McKean teaches History and Politics. He read History at Cambridge and has taught in a number of schools over the past 15 years. His historical interests are varied, ranging from the Vikings in Europe to modern African history, via the Tudors, the Age of Revolutions and the history of the USA. He is currently working on a PhD on 19th century South Africa at Royal Holloway, University of London, examining issues of race and nationhood during the British administration of what was then known as the Cape Colony. In keeping with his eclectic historical interests, he enjoys traipsing around castles, museums, ancient ruins and battlefields. He also has a passion for current affairs and debate, and is following the US election campaign with trepidation; he also enjoys singing in a choir, quizzes, baking and eating cake, the theatre, and playing cricket badly.

Lizzie Skeaping - Teacher of History and History of Art

Lizzie Skeaping teaches History and History of Art at Harris Westminster. She studied History and Culture at the University of Warwick, specialising in Renaissance Italian art and modern Irish history. Before joining Harris Westminster, she taught at The National Archives, home to some of the UK's most iconic historical records, and completed a Masters in Museums and Galleries in Education. Her fascination with different lives and cultures prompted her to teach abroad in Vietnam and Spain. She enjoys sport and dreams of playing cricket for England.

Frances Sleap - Teacher of Philosophy, Theology and Ethics

Frances Sleap studied Philosophy and Theology and then the Study of Religions at Oxford, writing her Master’s dissertation on the idea of chosenness in modern Judaism. Before deciding to pursue a longstanding interest in education she worked at the Dialogue Society, an Islamically-inspired intercultural dialogue charity. Her work included co-authoring an introduction to ‘Dialogue Theories’ and providing training for postgraduate students. She is still fascinated by the dynamics of dialogue in different contexts and is excited to work in the natural dialogue hotspot that is the PTE classroom. Her other interests include poetry and the ethical issues surrounding energy and climate change

Tristan Stone - Teacher of Philosophy, Theology and Ethics
Head of Wilberforce House

Tristan Stone is the Head of Wilberforce House and teaches Philosophy and Theology at Harris Westminster, having spent several years teaching RS, Music and English in schools and colleges in Kent after completing his degree in Theology at Cambridge.   At school, Mr Stone was granted a special dispensation to avoid PE in favour of practising the piano which accounts for his complete ineptitude at all things sport, although he enjoys a mediocre game of tennis (and is hoping to improve his game this year). A classically trained pianist and violinist, Mr Stone helps to lead a number of extra-curricular activities at Harris Westminster in music.  He is a fellow of the Westminster Abbey Institute and President of the British Philosophy Olympiad.  Mr Stone enjoys writing and has published three novels, various poetry and plays, as well as two study guides for the philosophy of religion.

Greg East - Teacher of Politics and Economics

Greg East teaches Politics, Economics & Maths at Harris Westminster. Having studied Politics, Philosophy & Economics at Durham University he went onto teach Maths & Politics at a school in Newcastle, completing his training through the Teach First programme. Politically active from a young age, Greg’s specialisms lie in the history of the British Left and the modern electoral strategies of UK political parties. Having run the debating programme at his previous school, he believes in the power of speech and argument, and is passionate about his students becoming articulate and self-confident orators. Aside from teaching Greg is a keen tennis and football player, and when he’s not playing sport, he spends time following his beloved Derby County FC.