Biology (AQA)

We study Biology in order to understand life and thereby understand ourselves. Biology provides us with an understanding of the amazing complexity of many life processes and mechanisms. Biology encourages us to seek out reasons for strange, surprising and sometimes unusual observations.

“Declare the past, diagnose the present, and foretell the future.”

Biology is the study of the variety, complexity and interdependence of the living world. Studying it is to take part in a discipline that stretches back to the Classical World, and yet in recent decades it has seen revolutions in fields such as genetics (thanks to the work of the human genome project) and clinical therapies designed to treat diseases once thought to be incurable, such as certain cancers or Cystic Fibrosis. Understanding living organisms, from single-cells to human beings themselves, has a variety of practical applications.

Whether you intend to become the next surgeon-general or are interested in Biochemistry, Psychology or even Veterinary Science, then taking the first step is to study Biology.  For students considering Medicine, the Departments of Biology and Chemistry at HWSF offer a superb weekly programme in which you can develop a wider understanding of what a career in Medicine will involve. Of course, Biology is a much wider science, even at its core; many of the most exciting developments in Biology have in fact come from the overlap between different scientific disciplines so combing Biology A level with other Science subjects or Maths is advised.

A level Biology requires essay writing so the study of one or more Humanities/Arts subject can also be beneficial. It is possible to study Biology as a lone science alongside arts courses although it will not then offer a route to the study of Science at university.

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