Philosophy, Theology & Ethics (Pre-U)

We study Philosophy as the natural inquiry of the human condition to ponder “ultimate questions” such as how and what we can know and the purpose for life. Theology opens dialogue with past and present cultures and we engage with Ethics to reflect on what we mean by “good” and “evil” and how we can live morally in increasingly pluralistic and complex societies.

‘"Do you think it’s right for a man to talk as if he knows what he does not?

“He has no right to talk as if he knew; but he should be prepared to say what it is that he thinks.”
 Plato, The Republic

Students of Philosophy, Theology and Ethics at Harris Westminster are invited to grapple with some of the oldest and most profound questions that nag at the very core of the human experience: Is there a purpose to life? What is it to be moral? Is there a God? To what extent am I free? 

At HWSF, learning extends beyond the classroom.  Lectures, visiting speakers and student-led societies contribute to ongoing debates and a scholarly, rigorous approach to this multi-disciplinary subject which necessarily touches on history, literature, languages, sciences and maths, fostering fundamental, transferable skills.

The subject welcomes people from all faith traditions and none. Part of the fun of PTE is challenging one’s own assumptions as well as those held by others – of constructing and deconstructing arguments and working together to solve the epistemological trauma of our unknowing.

For further information view the Course Guide 2018-2020