Modern Foreign Languages (Pre-U)

French, Spanish and German

We study Modern Languages to broaden our knowledge of the world and to discover the literature, history and politics of different countries. A knowledge of linguistic and grammatical structures lets us analyse, create and communicate with clarity and precision.

“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

No language is truly foreign: each is the root of a cultural system which captures the essence of a national identity, system of belief or way of understanding the world around us. When learning a language that is not our own, we aim to achieve a better understanding of that world, and seek to communicate with a greater proportion of its people.

At HWSF, whether your passion is for French, Spanish, German or a mix of all three, you will learn about the linguistics, culture and literature of your chosen language, building on your existing knowledge to develop a profound and nuanced understanding of your target idiom. We will look to immerse you in the languages you are learning, getting used to conversation about topics you use every day and giving you the tools to develop independence and confidence. We also encourage our students to read as widely as possible around the texts, authors and filmmakers we study so as to get a feel for the works and cultures they are studying – the literature teacher will happily provide suitable recommendations throughout the course. 

Learning a language is an investment in the future; the versatility it offers for applying to university and beyond is increasingly relevant in a world where international corporations and supra-national organisations dominate business and politics alike. Outside the classroom, our Languages Department also offers Cultural Perspectives in Mandarin and Portuguese, a lively Languages Society and trips and exchanges abroad.

For further information view the Course Guide 2018-2020