A Cultural Perspective

Year 12 students are able to choose two different Cultural Perspectives each term to enlighten and broaden their hinterland.

Oliver Schenke reflects below on one of his chosen courses this term.

'There are various reasons as to how we as Harris Westminster students differentiate, and ultimately choose, our Cultural Perspective (CP) courses, from the broad list of twenty options that was at first presented to us. With the desire to expand our cultural capital – here we call it ‘hinterland’ – some of us chose CPs relating to our subjects, or something we already had a degree of connection with or pre-vested interest in. The majority of students, however, go for something entirely different – something entirely ‘out there’. Options such as cryptography, chess or origami, for example. And so what about French Cinema, my personal choice? To some degree, it was the cultural fascination of such a joyous summer holiday destination. It was an interest in the typically French cinema productions; the background to my cherished ‘Ratatouille’; contexts and wider learning of ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘Intouchables’, the sad yet morally beautiful and emotionally touching story of deep friendship, accompanied by Ludovico Einaudi’s piano crescendos and diminuendos. In my CP, we follow a structured progression of sessions that will hopefully give us the best taste of French cinema, in light of the BFI Film Festival on 2nd-13th October at the Southbank Centre. Unmissable to the introduction to French Cinema are Auguste and Louis, the Lumiere brothers who created the first moving film, about workers leaving a factory in 1895. I am quivering in my boots, in gross anticipation for my next CP session in French Cinema!'

Oliver's piece appeared in the Newsletter for 4th October which can be viewed here