Mobeus Equity Partners

On Tuesday 5th February a group of Economics students were fortunate enough to go to a Mobeus VCT Shareholders event with Mr Cawthera. Two students who attended write about their experiences below.

I saw this opportunity as something to take full advantage of, for me to have a better understanding of real-world economics, as well as to get the chance to talk to the investors and obtain advice from them so that I too can reach their level of success. After arriving, we were all a bit nervous but Mr. Cawthera eased us into it by introducing us to the Mobeus Managing Partner, Mark Wignall. We each discussed what career paths we wanted to take, and he advised us on what we could do in order to reach our dreams. After, we listened through a talk they gave on why investors should invest into their business, and then went to have refreshments and canapés with various investors. Feeling more confident, we split up and had individual talks with some of the investors. One who really stood out to me advised me that not studying Economics at university does not necessarily mean that you cannot become an economist. As someone who is still a bit unsure, it was important to hear that “if you are willing and committed you can achieve your goal as it is never too late to start.” Elvir, meanwhile, was particularly impressed by someone who turned a £5,000 investment into £108,000. He is looking into investment banking and so took full advantage in getting as much advice as he could for his future decisions to pay off. Overall, we had a delightful experience on the trip, and we hope we are exposed to more opportunities like these. If you want to hear some of the other students’ experiences don’t hesitate to ask!

Joel Kubrom

Mr Cawthera kindly invited some Year 12 students and I to tag along to a shareholder event at Mobeus Equity Partners. It was hosted in a grand building between Oxford Street and Regents Park, a postcode that well represents the finance stereotype! When we arrived we got straight to networking - well, not quite straight away but we plucked up the courage eventually (with a bit of nudging from Mr Cawthera). The presentations included talks by multiple partners of the firm as well as entrepreneurs. There was also a talk on Brexit - how could there not be - which brought some interesting insights into the changing UK political landscape. The evening ended with even more networking, by which time we felt a bit more confident. Coincidentally, I engaged in a long conversation with someone with many Westminster alumni in his family who was more than happy to give a Harris Westminster student advice and wisdom.
As expected, the event was very “male, pale and stale”. However, this was honestly acknowledged and addressed in the meeting, and a woman in the audience even came up afterward to Diana and I with sound words of encouragement. With more and more firms taking up social mobility initiatives and acknowledging the difference diversity makes, the industry is clearly moving forward. Thank you to Mobeus for providing us with this one-off opportunity and for being proactive in opening up the finance industry, and to Mr Cawthera for organising the trip.

Indiana M-Green