Almodóvar Analysis

As part of their Pre-U Spanish studies students take a closer look at the films of Pedro Almodóvar. In December the British Film Institute hosted a study day discussing his work. Etta Selim and Jonas Martin write below about their foray into film criticism.

After braving the rain and the cold to arrive at the BFI, as many other students from many different schools had done, we were met with festive decorations and a warm welcome to the world of film. More particularly, the filmography of renowned Spanish film director, Pedro Almodóvar.


Miguel García presented the ideas, techniques and themes present in Almodóvar’s work in a lecture run entirely in Spanish, encouraging us to engage more actively with the environment that orbited the language we were studying. This was greatly helped by the interactive aspect of the talk, which had ushers rushing up and down to hand microphones to students who eagerly contributed to the discussion.


Following a short lunch break in the heart of Central London, we were welcomed back with a screening of the award-winning Volver, followed by a short Q&A, which allowed us even further insight into the irony and humour that had defined the film.
At the end of it all, we were sent home with smiles on our faces, Almodóvar on our minds and a little more knowledge than when we first walked in – hopefully this will reflect in our essays!