A Message to Parents, Carers and Students

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

As you may have heard, the terror threat has been raised from “severe” to “critical” following the attack in Manchester.

We are fortunate, in Westminster, to be in one of the most highly policed areas of the country and so there is no need to be concerned at the school. The police advice is Alert, Aware, but not Alarmed.

Following this advice we are continuing with business as usual, except for a couple of activities where students would be going out in groups this week.

This morning we cancelled the cultural trips to museums and galleries and tomorrow afternoon we are cancelling sport.

This morning students who we had planned to send to Museums were kept in school and studied. Tomorrow afternoon Year 12 students will be dismissed at the end of morning school (1pm) and allowed to go home or to stay in school to study. There will be no sport activities tomorrow. We shall move the House Dodgeball competition to another week.

Friday will continue as normal and all exams today and going forwards will be held as normal.

After half term we will re-evaluate the situation and will expect to be able to resume almost all planned activities (including trips and sport). If the threat level remains “critical” (and it may well revert to “severe”) then we will review all risk assessments and put in such additional measures as are required.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best wishes,

James Handscombe