Science Societies

Harris Westminster Sixth Form’s Weekly Science Societies are a great opportunity for students to discuss interesting subject areas. They provide their members with a rich experience of communicating the subject as well as giving our students the opportunities to challenge statements and assumptions and to develop tools for argument.

Academic Year 2015/16


Medical Society

Doctors with mental illness by Katie Jones

Biology Society:

Biological layers of the ocean by Max Kingston


Chemistry Society:

Hybridization of Orbitals by Raj Dhesi & Julia Evans

Physics Society:

Determinism by Yubin Zhao


Medical Society:

Immunological Tolerance by Savannah Roeber

Lukaemia by Harpal Patel


Biology Society:

Heterochromia by Rachit Regmi


Engineering Society:

A-Z of Engineering by JBU


Biology Society:

Superheroes by Omaymah Belhaj-Sahsi

Foraminifera by Reuben Steenkamp

Physics Society:

Dark Matter by Claudia Sarmiento