Becoming Digital Geographers

On Tuesday 29th  January 2019, a group of eighteen Year 12 Geography students attended a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) workshop at the Royal Geographical Society. Donna Lin, Year 12 who attend writes about her experiences below.

When we arrived, we walked through the corridors of the historic building which had fancy hallways and priceless artefacts on display. We spent most of the day in a huge room where there were several round tables with touch screen laptops. Harris Westminster sat on one side of the room whilst another school occupied the other side. Throughout the day we competed against them for points, depending on how well we completed the tasks and our participation in answering questions. The workshop began by introducing us to GIS and why it is increasingly becoming a lucrative market. We were then set numerous tasks which involved annotating, measuring and creating various maps on ArcGIS  (the main software we used). We also used maps to examine erosion of coastal areas by looking at historic maps which showed an illustration of what the area would have looked like 100 years ago. After a full day of the workshop, we can say that we are comfortable with the basics of GIS and the skills we have learnt will help us with our fieldwork and our first exams this year.