Football Focus

This term has seen the formation of a Boys XVI Football Team. Their first match was against St Marylebone where they were victorious. One of the team members, goal keeper Daniel Adesanya, avidly reports on the match below.  

Ammi deals fatal blow to St Marylebone after they were dismantled by the penetrating frontline of Harris Westminster Sixth Form
Two great finishes from the left-winger Cephas and a spectacular finish from Ammi allowed the Saints of Westminster to claim their first victory over St Marylebone in a friendly match on Thursday 4th October. Albeit St Marylebone put up a good fight with their high pressing game their effort was futile, crushed by the destructive strike force of the Saint’s. 
Although the game was a mere friendly, tensions were high on the pitch as each player was eager to stake a claim to their position on the starting eleven ahead of the cup tie on Friday 12th October. 
The game began quite evenly matched although the Saints seemed to be asking questions of the evidently shaky defense of St Marylebone. The defensive line of the Saints however was seemingly impenetrable with the great centre-back pairing of Finley and Jordan, however this did not seem to deter the number nine of St Marylebone from trying a courageous  long-distance volley against the Saints which was palmed away by the Saints goal keeper Daniel D'one Adesanya.
As the game progressed the  St Marylebone defense simply had nowhere to hide as the rapid Saints attack kept on knocking at their door. A brilliant switch of play to the far post gave Cephas the opportunity he had been begging for and tucked the chance away gratefully. An identical goal was then scored only minutes later with another elegant switch of play into the box for Cephas who fumbled and tumbled but managed to force the ball beyond the opposition goal keeper and into the back of the net. 
Conditions for the match were near ideal with the pitch being perfectly level and the weather being cool and breezy, yet despite there being no red or yellow cards shown in the game, St Marylebone were anything but cool and breezy; the number 10 and 9 of St Marylebone seemed to lose their heads as there was some controversy about the decisions being made and even some ludicrous accusations of favouritism.

As the game progressed their player marking plan was not sustainable as the St Marylebone players gassed and allowed the notorious trickster Ammi too much space giving him license to perform a deceitful body feint and attempt a long range strike which caught the opposition goal keeper off his line and ended up in the back of the net.

As the 60 minute tie was in its penultimate minutes the St Marylebone striker simply refused to give up and single handedly pressed the Saints defense. Luckily he found his way through the Harris Westminster defense which had momentarily switched off, forgetting the game was still going on. From a throw-on over the defense he was through on goal, although he was met with a challenge from the Saints goal keeper he luckily caught the rebound and put the ball straight into  the back off the Saints net ending the tie at 3-1 to the Saints. 

Although the performance was great from both sides, with some star players emerging from both teams it is clear there is still much more to work on and much more to come. With a match coming up on Thursday 11th  October and another cup match on the 12th  for the Saints it is clear we all have lots to look forward to.