The Rose

Our School Newspaper provides a platform for Harris Westminster’s budding journalists and writers, and also allows our socially-minded students to engage with topical issues in a powerfully persuasive and conscientious manner. Led by an editing team of twelve, The Rose is here to bring the voice of the pupils to you. We accept submissions from any of the school body who would like to write and then the editing team carefully looks at, corrects and approves them. Much like a real newsroom, we are constantly looking for ways to heighten our impact and diversify how we communicate the news: This is an ever evolving and improving team who embrace change and strive for excellence.

Our editing team:

Genevieve Williams Felixe Forde Michael Hendle
Joshua Daniels Julia Evans Olivia Gallogly-Clements
Omaima Chelh Reuben Steenkamp Sid Wilson
Melissa Altinsoy Sumayyah Zannath Veronica Chow


The Rose - Remembrance Term 2015
The Rose - Celebration Term 2016